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12 sided Dice - Twelve sided dice thrower - D12

Random substitution of 12 sided dice

Roll a die 12 allows you to obtain a random result among the twelve possible faces of the dice. Its operating principle is simple the tool will generate a virtual dice which will get a random result. The twelve dice is a dice that we Also found in role-playing games, RPGs.

It is often used as a damage roll and it is considered one of the most powerful. When you press on the button roll the dice 12, this allows you to search for a result according to the number of events here equal to twelve. So you are so lucky to come across a different result each time. This dice roll is done directly and you can choose the number of times you want to repeat the operation.

This makes it possible to obtain a random face among the twelve dice. You can also see this dice in many board games. It is important to know that all the dice obtained on online dice are subject to randomness for each dice, so we cannot distort the dice roll as we could do on a table for example.