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Heads or Tails - flip a coin online

How a coin toss works

This coin toss application, heads or tails allow you to make a decision with equal probability. All parts have 50/50 chance of getting the side you chose. You can click on "toss" in order to flip a coin.

What is an online heads or tails game?

At first, it is crucial to determine which side is head and which one is tail. Traditionnaly, the tail side is where we distinguish the number. Whereas the head side is the one where we find symbols. The symbol can be quite different depending on the piece. Once the side has been decided, all you have to do is toss the coin.

Play heads or tails with more than 2 players

If it could be hard even thought impossible to play classic heads or tails with more than 2 players, we invite you to try with our dice generator. You just have to choose the number of dice and number of sides equal to the number of players. For example, playing with 3 coin tossers: 3 sided dice

6 sided dice 100 sided dice