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100 sided Dice - Gives the result of a hundred sided die - D100

Random online creation of 100 sided dice

Advice on using a 100 sided dice on the table. There isn't really a 100 dice when you want to roll a dice on the table, but fortunately there is a very simple technique for simulating a dice. Have a die 10 and made two separate throw. Note the two throws on a sheet, now you just have to keep the first throw which will represent your tens digit and or the number 10 will represent ten 0. And then add the number of ones to obtain a full dice.

It is obviously much easier to use the principle of random generation of dice online as on this site. Here we directly generate a result random between 1 and 100. The principle of virtual dice therefore poses no construction constraints in the realization of a 100 sided die.

This tool is therefore very practical in addition to being easy to use. You have therefore understood that the generation of virtual dice online is done randomly by based on the principle of random mixing. Otherwise the result obtained from this dice therefore ensures a very low probability of duplicate dice with the dice 100.