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The different possibilities of dice

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How online dice works

This virtual dice generator works with the use of random probabilities. It will be rolled in a random way in order to create an equal probability for each roll. These online dice are designed online by a software. You need to click on “roll” in order to create one.

This website allow you to choose any number of dice as well as faces. It will give you an easy way to get multiple dice on a unique roll. This site can also be called a dice maker. If you want to go further concerning the math around dice, there are some details to know a little bit more: each dice have the same probability to end their roll on any number on it. So to speak, the probability will depend on the number of dice you use and the number of their faces. If you add some math, it’s quite easy to obtain the average of a dice and then understanding the way it works.

Those few explanations will give you a better understanding of both a random variable and of a random phenomenon. If you have a keen interest or simply are into online dice and math, you can still check what is the probability theory.

What’s a dice ?

A dice takes usually a shape of a small cubic object, mostly when we talk about the 6-sided dice (d6). Nowadays, you can find a lot of various shapes, mainly used in role-playing games as for the d4, d8, d10, d12, d20 and the d100.

Concerning the use of dice in video games

You might tend to see the use of dice in video games when you need to get a random number or a random phenomenon. Some games are even using and relying on dice in order to test player’s luck. The 6-sided dice is the most likely to be found.

Dice for board games

Last but not least, there are a lot of board games which are using dice on a daily basis as for Yams, Zanzibar and many others. By the way, each games that are based on probabilities can, in a way, be played with dice. We can quote the marathon, a lot of card games and so on. Thanks to Online dice you can enjoy your board games even if you don’t have any dice with you. You can also use this random letter generator to play with your children.